Sunday, December 18, 2016

Assignment #9 TED Talk

    This week our teacher and some of my classmates introduce a very good website which called TED Talks. I have listened to all the five speeches. And the most impressive speeches to me are"Photos from a storm chaser" and "Don't eat the marshmallow".

    In the speech "Photos from a storm" I saw a lot of beautiful pictures about storms and tornadoes, which is hard to been seen in Taiwan. and my thought is as same as the speakers-- They're lovely monsters.  Although those storms look gorgeous, they can destroy everything in a few seconds. Right now we are facing a very big challenge called global warming. The weather is becoming more extreme. Some animals are about to die out. If we can't stop that.  Maybe we will encounter some serious disasters that didn't happen in Taiwan before such as tornadoes in the future. We should try our best to stop or delay global warming.

     About another speech "Don't eat the marshmallow", I think it is very useful to me. It's a very interesting speech.  I hope I can remind that speech while I want to be lazy. The speech tells us the importance of being a disciplining person.  Discipline is always a key to success in every field.

     There are a lot of interesting speeches in TED. I think I will spend some time on it. It is a good chance to practice English and a good method to learn some knowledge.