Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Assignment #1: A simple introduction about myself

Hello, my Chinese name is 周煒晟. And my English name is Adam.  My major in university is finance.  When i was a high school student , my major was data processing. I live in 淡水.  I take MRT to school every day instead of live in dorm room.  Just because I want to save money. I have lots of interests, like badminton , table tennis ,running, listen to music, and surf the Net of course.  Besides, i join the hot music club this semester. Because i love music and my elder sister gave me a bass. Finally ,about my personality.I think i am a shy person.  I don't really want to participate in activities.

About the blog, beside the assignment,maybe i will share some English songs, funny videos or even some news during my free time.

In the end, thank you for spending your precious time to read this article.


  1. i'll wait for your share in this blog , goodluck !

  2. By MRT, 淡水 is not too far from school though. Looking forward to your blog sharing, Adam.