Friday, October 14, 2016

Assignment #2 ESL Cyber Listening Lab

    This week we have a listening lesson.  The teacher introduced a website called "ESL" to us.  I think this is a great webiste.   Because this website is so complete,  It contains some exercises  for you to practice, different level for you to choose, and translation of some vocabularies. I think this website is very useful for anyone who want to attend TOEIC test.

    The teacher also teach us how to solve listening question.  You need to listen to the "key words" and take some notes about the conversation.
These tips are very important and useful.

Here are some vocabularies I did't know before:

1.  butcher :  means kill or a person who kills animals to sell their meat (屠夫)
     example:  I want to cook beef noodles for dinner.  Can you help me buy some beef from the     butcher?

2.  mock :  to laugh at someone.
     example:  Don't mock other person just because of their appearance. It's  very rude.

3.  heritage : something that is handed down from the past .
     example:  Governments must take care of those national heritages.

4.  intellectual : appealing to or engaging the intellect.
     example: In general, intellectual jobs deserve more salary.

5.  prominent :  easily noticed or seen    
     example: The colorful painting on the wall makes this building very prominent on the street.

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  1. Nice notes, Adam. Two things:
    1. Vocabulary is uncountable.
    2. Usually, we say "my teacher", or "our teacher", not "the teacher."